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Fast, accurate and reliable data capture to transform the way you collect information.

form scanning servicePearl Scan’s data capture service can extract data from your documents using advanced document scanning software. So, if you have collected customer feedback surveys, medical research or application forms and you need the results quickly without human error mistakes, or you just have an office being overrun by invoices that need organising, data capture is the perfect solution to streamline your data collection.

What Kinds of Data Can Be Captured?

-Surveys - Exam Papers
-Questionnaires - Research Papers
-Application Forms - Bills
-Invoices - Contracts
-Business Cards - Purchase Orders

Above is just a small selection of the data that can be captured. Whether the data is alphanumeric, in tick boxes, check boxes, multiple choice, open questions, written comments, barcodes, internal office codes and check areas, we can provide you with accurately digitised data which you can then efficiently collect into reports and statistics.

Formats We Can Scan To

  • CSV
  • Excel (.xls)
  • SPSS
  • XML
  • Outlook
  • CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Access Database

Data Capture Methods

Our data capture methods vary depending on the kind of data we are capturing. For example, if your document contains tickboxes, typed text or handwritten text, we will use OCR, ICR or OMR to capture the data accurately. Unlike some data capture services, you don’t need to have the information in a specific data capture form because we use intelligent technology which can be trained to recognise the layout of your forms. We understand that every data capture project is different which is why we offer a tailor-made service which can be adapted to suit each client.

How Data Capture Works

Consultation- By phone or email, we will work with you to understand your needs and tailor the service to suit you.

Collection- With our nationwide collection service we can collect your documents from anywhere in the UK.

Preparation- Once your forms are at our scanning bureau, they will be prepared for scanning with the removal of fasteners such as paperclips and staples.

Scanning- Firstly, your forms will be scanned using our super fast, double feed detection document scanners.

Data Capture- We will then apply our data capture software to the scanned images. OCR for typed text, ICR for structured handwriting and OMR for marks in tick/check boxes. Read more.

Quality Checks- Quality checks will take place to ensure the data has been captured accurately.

Conversion- Your captured data will then be converted into your required format such as CVS, Excel, SPSS, XML etc.

Indexing- Digital files will then be indexed by previously agreed fields such as name, date or reference number.

Data Delivery- We can deliver your data by email, CD, DVD, USB or secure FTP.

Original Documents- We offer three options for your original forms. They can either be returned to you, stored for a further period or disposed of via secure shredding and recycling.

Why Choose Pearl Scansurvey girl

With over a decade of experience behind us, we have become a leading provider of data capture services in London, Manchester, Birmingham and across the rest of the UK. With the help of our nationwide collection service, we provide a one stop service for all of your data capture needs from collection to scanning and data capture right through to the disposal of your paper documents.

Our services are all backed up by ISO accreditations (see below) and we operate from a secure scanning bureau so your documents will be in safe hands throughout the entire process. We have worked with many different clients including medical organisations, universities, colleges, police departments, market researchers and construction firms.

Our focus is not just on what we do but how we do it so we are dedicated to providing a top quality service in a quick turnaround so you can start to reap the benefits straight away.

If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly and experienced team about how our data capture services can help you, give us a call or complete our online form.

Accreditations and Certifications

Accreditations and certifications

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Nationwide:   0845 225 5923
London:         0207 183 1885
Manchester:   0161 832 7991
Birmingham:  0121 285 1900

Industry Specialist

Our services offer solutions to many departments of different industries:

  • Purchase Invoice Scanning
  • Healthcare Document Scanning
  • HR Document Management
  • Medical Research Data Capture
  • Feedback Form Data Capture
  • Legal Documents Scanning
  • Education Sector Scanning
  • Proof of Delivery Scanning
  • Archives Digitisation Service

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Nationwide:   0845 225 5923

London:         0207 183 1885

Manchester:  0161 832 7991

Birmingham: 0121 285 1900


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