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Forms and Data Capture Services

Welcome to Pearl Scan Solutions.

We offer data and form capture services on any scale, whether you have 50 application forms or 5,000,000 surveys, we can provide you with the data in an easy to absorb format.

Data Capture is becoming an increasingly important service to organisations and businesses across the UK who wish to streamline their file management.

By using our data capture service, you are free to control, edit and analyse your results. These are extracted from your documents with the aid of our specialist data scanning, electronic data capture and forms capture services. We proudly boast our ISO 9001:2000 certification and have completed many highly confidential, large information gathering and form scanning projects over the years for clients in the public and private sector. These range from Medical organisations, Universities and Police departments to Market Research and Construction firms.

Our document scanning and data scanning services offer a quick and efficient method of getting information from forms. Then we efficiently convert the information into electronic format. This eliminates the time consuming manual entry process and can also save your office thousands of pounds per year on processing, printing and filing. Many Universities, Colleges and Hospitals in the UK have already greatly benefited from our information gathering, data scanning and OCR conversion services for their enrolment and registration forms. Our information gathering accurately locates the field details from forms. It then processes it into our file scanning systems. We then convert this information into your preferred electronic format.

Forms Scanning

There are many useful situations where a data capture solution is used. The following forms are often scanned for information and converted for data analysis:

  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Customer application forms
  • Student enrolment forms
  • Health services using data from patient records
  • Building maintenance records and health and safety files
  • Multiple choice question papers
  • Staff timesheets

Capturing Data and it's process

Firstly, a data protection and confidentiality agreement is usually agreed which ensures the long term safety of your information and all documents involved in the scanning process. Your company's forms are collected from your office by our driver and returned to our head scanning bureau for processing. All documents are always scanned at high resolution. With our quality control checks, we can usually offer a 99.95% accuracy rate when electronically converting this information. This offers an excellent accuracy rate and is proven to be much more reliable than manual entry. Our quality control staff also double check results after to ensure their accuracy. Pearl Scan has a tried and trusted staff that have been with us for many years and have completed thousands of data jobs.

Handwriting and Text Recognition Software

Our form software gathers information using three different forms of recognition:

  • OCR Conversion (Optical Character Recognition) for typed text.
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) this is a more advanced version of OCR which detects different fonts while scanning.
  • OMR (Optical Markup Recognition) which can recognise written handwriting and convert this to editable text.

Once all this data is scanned, our experienced quality control staff will run checks to ensure that the data that has been gathered is the same as the data from the original document. These documents are later indexed to your needs. Then the scanned form data can be converted to any format you like. These include MS Excel, Access, Word or CSV which gives you a database of information taken from the files. The output files are then delivered back to you on CD/DVD. The original documents can either be stored with us or returned to you. Projects can range in terms of time, with low volume projects normally completed within 48 hours. This applies to projects with up to 10,000 forms.


Data and Form Capture Service Advantages

Using Data and Form Capture, your forms will be available electronically. This enables staff to use the information for analysis reports and transfer the data into records and statistics. There are numerous other advantages that come with using this service for forms:

  • Have electronically text searchable documents that were previously hard copies kept in filing cabinets
  • Reports and charts can be produced from all of the statistics that are gathered
  • Help the environment by reducing paper flow in the office
  • Remote access is available to all scanned documents
  • Save space on document storgae by managing incoming documents electronically

It has been researched that because of services like external data capture, employee morale and happiness is known to grow due to a more varied work day with different tasks being done. A happy workforce is a productive one and in the end, the minimal cost of hiring data capture from Pearl Scan Solutions will end up being a lot less than if you were hiring your employees to do it manually. This would also mean that you wouldn't, for example, have to hire temporary staff to help deal with the load if you find this is needed. Because our data capture team are specialists in what they do and because we use our in house developed data capture software, we offer fantastic results from data capture specialists. The advantages of data capture are seemingly endless and the idea is to use this powerful tool to streamline your document management and free more time for more important things in the office. Our experienced scanning staff can advise which areas of your business can benefit most and how this can help reduce your running costs.

For enquiries or if you have any questions on data capture or document management services call Pearl Scan Solutions on 0161 832 7991 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quotation.

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